Branding vs Laser Marking

Date: April 9, 2020


Dear Valued Customers

Subject: Branding Brand Recognition                                                       

(Your Hard Work Will Pay Off)

Brands have become the core competence under crowded IoT-driven market.   No matter is large or small one, we know brand is everything.  How to raise your profile with the most effective option is what we are thinking by our Production Team.  Marking it for visibility to enhance your identity, positioning, image and equity is a major factor to expand your market-sharing than words of mouth.

Your excellent quality products accompanying with name on it can have great influence on long-term customer-relationship and make you one-step ahead for Brand-Quality Recognition Strategy to tap new market.

At S-Conn, our production line can help you to set up a concrete branding recognition from connectors and cable assemblies for next-buy by your brand.

More details, please contact S-Conn.


Sales Team