• About Lightning Arrester Series

Surge Protectors are designed with surge arrestor molded that used to provide a transition from one antenna system to another especially for outdoor use.

There is a high performance of application, such as wireless communication equipment, mobile and fixed telecommunication and other outdoor equipment…etc.

Part NO. LA08
Frequency Range 0 to 6 GHz
VSWR 1.3 Max
Insertion Loss 0.5 dBi Max
Impedence 50Ω
Gas Tube DC 230V ± 20%
Gas Tube Impulse Breakdown Voltage ≦ 700V
Gas Tube Insulation Resistance ≧ 10000 MΩ
Max Withstand Current 20A
RF Power Rating 15W

• Quarter Wave Technology
• Maintenance Free

• Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA)
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
• Antenna Systems
• Tower Top Electronics (TTE)
• Transmitters and Receivers
• WiFi
• Broadband Wireless

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