• About Tool Kit Series

* Item No:  HT-H518G

* Functions:Crimping F, BNC & RCA compression connectors For RG59,RG6

* Length: 6.1″(155±3mm)

* Weight: 276g

* Handle:  PVC Dipping

* Material:Made Of Middle Carbon Steel

* Finished:With Chrome-Plated

For crimping connector type Tool compression from         (mm)
Before (+/-0.2) AFTER (+/-0.2)
Min. Max. Min. Max.
F 24 33.5 15.9 25.2
BNC 36.1 45.7 28 37.4
RCA 36.1 45.7 28 37.4

* Item No: HT-332、HT-302A/B

HT- For stripping RG cable Stripping distance
332 RG-58/59/62/6/6QS/3C/4C/5C
332A RG-/59/62/6/4C/5C
332B RG-58/59/62/3C/4C
332D RG-174
302A RG-59/62/6/4C/5C
302B RG-58/59/62/3C/4C
322S RG-8/11/213

Replacement blade:

HT-302 series:HT-3021, HT-312 series:3121

HT-322 serise:HT-3321, HT-322 series:3221

Special requirement is available.

* Item No:  HT-H518G

  • When compressing connectors, please regulate the adjuster for better connection.
  • Insert the plunger for compressing F connector, and remove plunger and keep in the storage at the front bottom of the tool for compressing BNC or RCA connectors.
  • Place the connector and cables into the tool’s holder.
  • Squeeze handles, thus completing the operation.

* Item No: HT-332、HT-302A/B

  • The V-block can be reversed and the indication arrow ” ” show recommended cable size. Stripping distance can be changed if user moves oneof the stripping blades.(AS FIG. 2)
  • Stripping the coaxial jacket and inner conductor in one operation by rotating the stripper inclock wise direction 3-6 times, easy and effective.
  • For stripping different materials of cable, use the built-in hex key to align the sensitive socket and adjust the blade for good results.
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