2020 Price Adjustment

Date: 09/11/2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Bullion has gained 30 % this year.  Gold is relatively more attractive as a hedge.

Investors are looking for safe-haven assets that won’t lose value.  Under such circumstances, they fret about the economic outlook, prospect for further outbreaks of COVID-19.  It ignites a ripple for the cost of gold plating.

Coax-RF pays close attention on it, and has received the notice from plating house for the new offering.  It has one month time for buffer.  Please understand that, any products, we reserve the right to adjust the selling price from November once it couldn’t be remained.


2020 is an unsettled and unprecedented year.  Coax-RF promises to stand with you, and provide reliable quality and service as always.



Irene, Leader of Sales Team