Customized RF Coaxial/Microwave Connector


To provide a quick and correct response from Coax-RF, we need the following information before we quote.

1. What kind type of connector you need? (BNC, TNC or whatever)
2. What’s the terminating method?  (Crimp, Clamp, Twist-on)
3. What kind of cable will be terminated? (RG58, 58 or whatever, please specify the brand)
4. Coaxial connectors are material-intensive.  Please specify it if you can, or we quote it per economic or standard type for information.
5. How’ the impedance you need for the connector?
6. Do you have any special requirement for mechanical or electrical characteristic, such as frequency range, etc?
7. For cost and availability are always of paramount importance in selection connectors.  If you can provide, will be much helpful to us.