More and more enterprises are becoming global-oriented for business, reaching out for opportunities to buy, sell, and manufacture products and services throughout the world.

The shift to a worldwide focus must cope with unfamiliar ways of doing business, also face new challenge for business. Because countries naturally specialize in what they do best, all countries are better off. National trade the goods they make most efficiently for goods that other countries more efficiently.

Coax-RF sees the promise of new markets under globalization and built up in 2008. As a bridge to sell what we specialize in RF, and bring more advanced one from oversea to fulfill the demand at local market.

  • Mission
    To provide a broad array of related RF products, from piece parts, RF connector and beyond for one stop shopping.
  • Vision
    Coax-RF would like to bridge under IoT by RF.
  • Value
    Striving to surpass beyond customers’ expectations for value through TQM.
  • Staff
    Human resource is our most important asset. Their dedicated efforts keep Coax-RF stay in competition under the harsh environment.
Organization Structure

Line Card
RF/Microwave Connector

Connector is small, but it plays a critical role as an interconnection solution provider, we always keep one step ahead.

Cable Assembly

To extend your connection, we care your last mile to connect with the world through the precise cable.


A strong R&D team behind you! Tell us your need, and let our team figure it out because we specialize.